Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Our loot from Costco. The most beautiful place in Japan. Posted by Picasa
We had to take a second picture, because Hoff missed the first one. Posted by Picasa
Us on the way to Costco. Sachi, Michel, Krystal, Shereena, Me, Adam, and Mark. Posted by Picasa
Ryu, Nao, Kaneko, Kesuke and Moeko, after the wedding. Posted by Picasa
Like I said, Kesuke was my date. Check out the room in the background, this was after most people had left. Posted by Picasa
Rumiko, my Japanese mom, Kesuke and I. Posted by Picasa
Chinami and I. Whoever took this picture had been drinking, and cut off my head. Posted by Picasa
Presenting flowers to the parents. They have done this at both weddings I have been to. Posted by Picasa
Moeko, in a rare moment of cooperation. Posted by Picasa
Yoko, Me, Kaneko, Kesuke, Nao, and Moeko (with some random people in the background) Posted by Picasa
Kaneko Posted by Picasa
Me and the happy couple. Posted by Picasa
Satoru and I. Posted by Picasa
Crazy performing guy. We were right by the stage and he was so loud he made Kesuke cry, so I had to leave. Too bad. Posted by Picasa
Kesuke, my unofficial date, and I, enjoying the reception. Posted by Picasa
Satoru, singing to his bride. Posted by Picasa
Su-san and Hiroki and Karaoke at LRiver. Gotta love the Japanese guys that aren't afraid of us. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sachi, too cool for school. Posted by Picasa

Lee, with possibly the grossest knee ever. Posted by Picasa

Krystal, Courtney and Morgan waiting for the boys' game. I love this picture!!! Posted by Picasa

Shoes left in the hotel's entryway, the morning after the party.  Posted by Picasa

Courtney, Krystal and me. Yamanashi's greatest cheerleaders (I used sign language!) Posted by Picasa

Thilmin, looking pretty at the party, after she played soccer all day. Posted by Picasa

Lee, Ed, and Morgan watching the girls play soccer. Posted by Picasa

Julia and Adam, making friends with the salary men at the next table, on the night of Mark's birthday. The curtain is there for a reason!! Posted by Picasa